JAZZ ART Sengawa 2018


Welcome to JAZZ ART Sengawa 2018!
This year JAZZ ART Sengawa will be held on September 13-16 at Sengawa Theatre

JAZZ ART Sengawa is a festival for jazz, avant-pop, and improvised music as a showcase for acts from Japan and abroad. From its inception, it has been led by three artists, Koichi Makigami, Kiyoto Fujiwara, and Hiromichi Sakamoto. The event has been continuing for 10 years since 2008, focusing on crossover genres of music and performance that gives vibrant energy to both fans of experimental music and people in the local community. The main venue for the event is Sengawa Theatre, which is located in Chofu, a west surburb of Tokyo.

This year’s program features international artists from different regions of the world, RENÉ LUSSIER Quintette from Quebec, Peter Evans(Tp.) and Reggie Nicholson(Drs.) from NY, Lauren Newton(Vocal) from Germany, Heiri Känzig(Cb.) from Switzerland and multidisciplinary artist Werner Puntigam from Austria. Also from the last year, John Zorn’s Cobra has been back in our program! JAZZ ART Sengawa is one of the few places in the world that you can see this creative ‘game piece’ of improvisation “Cobra” with such magnificent musicians with different backgrounds. Needless to say, the other unique sessions are all must-see shows in which prominent musicians and performers will make great chemistry on the stage together.
Of course Hikashu is on the roster as well – this time they will perform with SAICOBAB, band led by YOSHIMIO from BOREDOMS, playing mesmerizing tunes based on ancient numerology.

The fringe programs taking place outside the theater are fun to experience while strolling in the town of Sengawa. “CLUB JAZZ Byobu” is a movable installation of Japanese Byōbu(folding screens made from several joined panels).Here inside, only 2 or 3 persons are allowed to enter at a time and enjoy the intimate performance of musician. “LAND FES” is an event of dance and music sessions, in which audience is navigated by dancers to encounter extraordinary live performances happening at different places in the town.

The schedule of main programs is as follows:

September 13 Thursday

Yoshihide Otomo + RENÉ LUSSIER
Price: 2,000YEN

September 14 Friday

John Zorn’s COBRA

(C)Masaaki Ikeda

September 15 Saturday

13:30-15:00 Music and Poetry
Kazuko Shiraishi + Itaru Oki + Kiyoto Fujiwara / Koichi Makigami + WERNER PUNTIGAM + Rabito Arimoto / Mizuki Misumi + Tatsuo Kondo


September 15 Saturday

16:30-18:00 Directed by Hiromichi Sakamoto
Peter Evans + Ko Ishikawa + Kohsetsu Imanishi / Shuichi Chino / Hiromichi Sakamoto


September 15 Saturday

19:30-21:00 Directed by Koichi Makigami
Hikashu + SAICOBAB


September 16 Sunday

13:30-15:00 Directed by Hiromichi Sakamoto
Lawren Newton + Heiri Känzig + Ami Yamasaki + Hiromichi Sakamoto Nihon-Buyo(Japanese traditional dance): Sukeayano Hanayagi Video: Haruo Higuma


September 16 Sunday

16:30-18:00 Quebec/Japan Program
RENÉ LUSSIER – Quintette/Takashi Harada + Koichi Makigami


September 16 Sunday

19:30-21:00 Directed by Kiyoto Fujiwara
Akira Sakata + Peter Evans + Kiyoto Fujiwara + Reggie Nicholson + Yuko Fujiyama

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Jazz Art Sengawa 2018 – Sengawa Theatre website

Ticket Currently Available

Ticket Price
3,000 yen for 1 live ticket
6,800 yen for 1 day ticket(*only for 15th and 16th)
15,000 yen for 3 days ticket
7,500 yen for 3 live pass(*choose any 3 lives)

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